Chad Hutchison

Co-Founder & President

Even at a young age, I was always drawn to being an entrepreneur.

As a child actor touring the nation and Broadway, I quickly learned the crucial skills and talent it takes to be successful. I learned I had a natural ability to connect with people, and in college realized that connecting with people to help grow their businesses was a true passion of mine.

I started my first company, Dicom Solutions, in 2003 right out of college, when I realized a huge potential in the Medical Imaging Equipment market. At the time, there were no companies marketing and selling equipment online. I continued to grow the company for 10 years at a steady pace, and was even named #109 on the Inc 500 fastest growing companies in the US in 2009. During this time I saw the market change from customers mostly paying cash for equipment to customers looking for leasing and financing, but they were experiencing many hurdles and issues trying to find funding. The desire to help my customers find funding to grow their businesses is what lead me to where I am today.

I’m known for my ability to see trends in problem areas and capitalize them into opportunities. After working hand in hand with my customers and seeing them face lending challenges, I knew there was a real need to develop a transformational change in the way small businesses acquired financing.

Today I am the Co-Founder and President of FinanceApp, a cloud based sales and lending platform that makes the process of financing small business customers efficient and transparent. Our goal is to make it easy and quick for manufacturers, dealers and small businesses to acquire financing for their customers at low rates, fair terms and be able to manage the process simply.

Now I work daily to connect small business owners to their best source of capital. FinanceApp continues to grow.