Finance Exchange Supports Lenders with Digital Transformation


Finance Exchange is revolutionizing equipment leasing and financing with a white-labeled platform that helps lenders support digital transformation. Equipment lenders struggle to compete with outdated technology and limited financing offers. The Finance Exchange platform digitizes originations and provides an online syndication marketplace to increase approvals.

“We are thrilled to be working with equipment lenders to help make digital transformation a reality,” said Chad Hutchison, co-founder and President of Finance Exchange. “The process to originate and syndicate loans has gone unchanged for over 30 years in the $1.3 trillion Equipment Finance Industry. With Finance Exchange, our customers can now offer their borrowers and vendors a digitized application process, and provide more access to capital through our syndication marketplace.”

Finance Exchange is an end-to-end solution that automates the process, allowing the lender to manage other aspects of the business, while improving a better experience for the borrower in a safe and secure environment. With our syndication marketplace, lenders now have access to a network of buyers, which allows them to open their credit box and maintain better long-term relationships with their vendors and borrowers.

“Our Syndication Marketplace has a lot of similarities to the early days of starting PayNet, where we had to build a robust network. It comes down to creating value and efficiency for all the stakeholders, which is what we have done for syndications on the Finance Exchange platform.” Dan Michalek, Finance Exchange CEO & PayNet Founder

Investment in digital automation has become necessary, as lenders continue to allocate more of their budgets towards providing the highest-quality customer experience. That being said, research from the Boston Consulting Group found that 43% of organizations haven’t implemented a strategy at all. Finance Exchange makes digital transformation simple.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, small businesses spend about countless hours applying for credit between contacting financial institutions and submitting applications. One of the core features of the Finance Exchange platform is the experience it provides to the borrower.

Interested parties can learn more by calling 800-204-7214, emailing [email protected], or by visiting

About Finance Exchange

Finance Exchange is a cloud-based solution that provides a way for equipment lenders to manage Originations, Vendors, and Syndication. Finance Exchange offers a white-labeled platform that allows lenders to take an application in minutes, provide an approval in less than an hour, and offer financing options that fall outside of their credit box. Learn more at

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