Lists that will make you more successful

Memory is one of the most important traits a person can have. It starts in early childhood – some kids can easily retain information after one or two showings, others need repetitions; as much as 7 times is the recommended norm.

We are not all blessed with a good memory, although those who master memory – like New York Times reporter Joshua Foer in his book “Moon walking with Einstein” – say they are no different than other people.

They just work on their memory and exercise it.

Actors have to have good memory, as do musicians and other artists. But good memory is important in business as well. Entrepreneurs and business owners juggle a lot of balls at the same time and an idea or thought in the back of their mind can cause a lot of distractions.

To quiet your mind, and if you are not blessed with good memory and don’t have time to remembers the order of the cards in the deck, experts suggest making lists. They also offer different kinds of lists that an organized and well planned person should keep.

List of Goals – What is it that you need in order to feel accomplished? What do you need to do or be in order to truly respect ourselves? What do want out of life? This is not a fixed list. It changes as you grow, as you evolve, as you mature. Without it, you may lose direction in life and feel as if life is guiding you, instead of you guiding your life.

List of Tasks – That goes without saying. Not only to get organized, but to see what you have achieved so far. You always have a sense of achievement when a task is done and can be crossed off the list.

“Happiness, it turns out, is not the result of having it all but of appreciating what you have and enjoying the process of continual achievement.” Dr. Dan Baker, the author of “What Happy People Know” writes.

List of Contacts – Not only the one you use in our daily business, but those that may be helpful in the future. Forging friendship is a slow process, but when you come across someone that is like minded, keep in touch even if you don’t need their help at the moment (professional people included; lawyers, accountants, tech support, handyman etc.)

List of Expenses – As we all know there are two kinds of expenses: Spending on things you need and spending on things you want. A list of the things you really need will help in weeding out the things that are not necessary at the moment.

List of Improvements – What don’t you like about yourself and would like to change? Making a list of those traits will help in charting a way to change them. You are not expected to change who you are, but you can evolve, adjust, improve, pay more attention and learn. Trying to change one thing a year will be an interesting challenge that is not too difficult to accomplish.