Scott Hongola

Co-Founder & CFO

I have had the absolute privilege over the last 13 years to work with some of the most creative, ambitious, and tenacious business owners out there. My “title” has been as an accountant / controller / financial adviser, however I like to view my “role” as being able to take someone’s vision for the future of a company and create a strategic financial road map that is realistic and attainable, then executing that vision. I find an incredible amount of satisfaction in watching how that road unfolds and mitigating against the speed bumps that inevitably come.

During my career I have been able to successfully plan and execute dozens of corporate acquisitions from both the buyer and seller side of the fence. This has enabled me to blend both my book knowledge of accounting with the personal side of selling or purchasing something that has been created from scratch through blood, sweat, and tears. Accounting and financial knowledge is based on hard facts and rules, but the process of owning and running a business is built on relationships, culture, vision, and planning. My career has enabled me to sit on both sides of that fence and I look forward to what other lessons I will learn in the near future.